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Air filters made of glass fibres

Air filters made of glass fibres
Water-based Paint Filtration
The original brand! Extensively tested for many years, the ideal filter for water based paints.
HydroPaint Collector

Progressively structured and very efficient glass fibre filtermedia impregnated throughout with a harmless gel especially designed for the filtration of fine and dry water-based overspray particles.
Application: Filtration of water-based overspray particles in spray-booths of the surface treatment. The HYDROPAINTCOLLECTOR is suitable for the filtration of water based overspray- and solvent based paint particles in the same system. If an end-user is spraying both paint types alternatively in his system, the HYDROPAINTCOLLECTOR can be installed as an efficient filter.
Thickness: 2" / 3"
Efficiency: 97 - 98.5 %
Standard roll dimensions: Length 20 / 25 m
Width: each width between 0.300 and 3.000 m
Packing features: Available in rolls and cut pads.
Rolls are paper-wrapped, which guarantees a regular cut at the entire length of the roll as well as a regular roll diameter.
Minimum purchase quantity per order: None